Inspection windows and special glasses

With excellent quality and long-term stability

Our Inspection Windows are extremely well insulated glass packages, also with surface heated glass panes, for use as observation windows in environmental simulation systems, cold and deep-freeze rooms as well as in special machine constructions.

The dimensions of the Inspection Windows can be freely selected up to a maximum size of 2,000 x 2,000 mm, the number of glass panes (typically 2 to 6) is designed according to the insulation requirements. Typically, our Inspection Windows are made of thermally toughened glass. The use of laminated safety glass (heated or non-heated) is also possible. For special machine constructions, for example, machine guard glasses can be integrated.

  • Temperature range -100...+285 °C
  • Also available as heated laminated glass
  • Window heating with power supply from 24 to 230 V, AC or DC
  • Dimensions 250 x 250 mm to 2,000 x 2,000 mm, 16 mm to 150 mm thickness
  • 2- to 8-panes construction made of high-quality safety glass
  • Glasses with special optical or mechanical properties can also be integrated
  • Stainless steel spacer, edge seal made of high-temperature-resistant silicone.
  • Frame heaters with power supply from 24 to 230 V, AC or DC

Certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Qualitätsmanagementsystem nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Inspection Windows for environmental simulation systems

Inspection Windows for environmental simulation systems

Environmental simulation facilities are subject to extreme climatic conditions. Whether -70 °C, +250 °C or +90 °C with 95 % humidity, the insulation of the air-conditioned chamber must be designed in such a way that no condensation forms inside or outside. This applies also to Inspection Windows that are installed in doors or walls. 

With Inspection Windows from Conzelmann you always have a full view without ice and fogging.

Depending on the operating conditions, different heating concepts are available: Frame heating, panel heating on one pane or panel heating on two panes. Panel heaters are equipped with an invisible, electrically conductive coating. By applying a voltage, this coating acts as a heater for the entire surface. These heating concepts can also be used in combination.

Window packages for cold and deep-freeze rooms

Window packages for cold and deep-freeze rooms

Inspection Windows in cold and deep-freeze rooms must reliably seal off the cold interior from the warm environment. For example, even in the damp climate of Asia it is important to prevent the window from fogging up on the outside when the freezer cell is operated at -40 °C.

A suitable insulating glass construction with one or two heating panels and a frame heater at extremely low operating temperatures ensure that the fog-free view is maintained. 

Inspection Windows for special machines

Inspection Windows for special machines

If temperature insulation or sound insulation is required or if the safety of man and machine is at stake, we offer the appropriate solution for observing from the outside what is happening inside.

You want to observe your object from the outside with a camera? We supply the appropriate glass structure for this.

During your production or testing process, can liquids or solids "become independent" and endanger man and machine? With the appropirate concept and special protective glasses, we ensure that you are always on the safe side.

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