Our Production

Individual Inspection Windows per customers’ requirements

We manufacture individually according to customers’ requirements, from 1 to 1,000 pieces, adapted for the application. We supply single glasses, technical glasses, special glasses, glass ceramics and more - whether individual pieces or series production, mechanically processed, printed, coated or heated..

All our glasses are made in Europe.

Best quality for highest demands

The sealing materials we use have been tested and approved for demanding applications.

For your Inspection Windows we choose spacers for the gaps between the panes, which combine the best insulation properties with high temperature resistance. The spaces between the panes are dehumidified with a very powerful desiccant to ensure a fog-free view.

We provide long-term stability

Our production process is designed to optimally seal climate packages in the shortest possible time and thus protect them from the penetration of ambient humidity.  

For the desiccant used to fill the spacers, we have developed a special storage to maintain the quality and performance. The drying of the finished Inspection Windows is crucial for stability. Our drying room provides climatic conditions that effectively support the drying process. And we know how important it is to allow the climate packages plenty of time to dry ...

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